The purpose of this page is to introduce you to DEMEX INTERNATIONAL INC, a privately held explosive company

our history

DEMEX was originally incorporated in 1972 to provide explosive services for marine salvage and offshore pipeline construction in a worldwide market; completing jobs in the Middle east, Australia, Carribean, South America, South Africa, and the Far East. Clients included the major oil companies, marine contractors, and diving companies. In 1977, DEMEX became active in the salvage of offshore oil and gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1985, DEMEX expanded its explosive service market to include explosive forming and explosive welding for the heat exchanger industry. DEMEX was acquired by Southwest Engineering (now known as Thermal Engineering International) in 1991.

In August 1995, DEMEX purchased the assets of Kenny Enterprises. the addition of personnel from Kenny Enterprises established DEMEX as the most experienced supplier of offshore explosive services.

In November of 2003, DEMEX International Inc. became a privately held legal entity. Subsequently, DEMEX International Inc. purchased the assets of DEMEX from Thermal Engineering International on December 30, 2003. Beginning January 1, 2004 Demex International Inc. began operations.