A Typical offshore platform has several major components. The "DECK" is the uppermost part of the structure located above the waters surface. The "DECK" is welded to the "JACKET" which extends from about 10 ft. above sea level all the way down to the sea floor.

Steel pilings are driven through the hollow corners of the jacket into the sea floor to depths that may exceed 100 ft. It is these pilings that secure the platform to the seabed and enable it to withstand the forces of winds and seas. DEMEX International Inc. severs these pilings between 15 ft and 20 ft below the mudline.

DEMEX has a wide range of explosive products to sever any size PILE, CAISSON, or CONDUCTOR. If the need arises, we can also manufacture a specific charge(on site or pre-job) for your salvage needs.


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